Hummingbird Landscapes

creates beautiful, ecological, edible,
low maintenance landscapes.

We create beautiful landscapes.

To enrich our lives with the beauty of nature, we use the principles of design along with our plant expertise to create gardens that are beautiful year-round.

We create ecological landscapes.

Our use of native plants attracts many different animals such as butterflies and all sorts of birds.

We create edible landscapes.

Edible plants are used in many of our landscapes to promote the bounty of nature and grow healthy, delicious, and local food.

We create low maintenance landscapes.

By creating a low maintenance garden with us, you will be able to enjoy your garden even more, as will the hummingbirds, for that matter. So pull up a chair and enjoy the show!

hummingbird photo

Hummingbirds remind us to forever seek out the good in life and appreciate the beauty all around us.

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